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Software as a service (SaaS) is an attractive business model. The bulk of its revenue comes from recurring membership fees, and its many benefits to customers are compelling sales points. However, the business is not without its challenges. It demands excellent coding abilities and a good grasp of user interface design. Ensuring there’s sufficient demand, and scaling the business with skillful marketing are other challenges that can make or break an SaaS business. However, poor cyber security can quickly undo your efforts at making your business successful.

A Few Common Software as a Service Vulnerabilities

A well-known benefit of SaaS is that customers can use it wherever they have Internet access. However, this also makes it an easy target for cyber criminals, who may attempt various exploits such as cross-site scripting or SQL injection. Cross-site scripting involves injecting a script that manipulates your SaaS website functionality. An SQL injection manipulates your database when a hacker enters SQL code into a form on your website.

Sometimes your own customers inadvertently contribute to security problems because of poor password management. Common customer lapses include weak passwords, use of the same password for multiple accounts, or leaving their passwords in plain view in their work area.

How a Security Breach Can Damage Your Business

  • A security breach that interferes with the service itself disrupts operations and prevents customer use of the service. A lengthy disruption will cause service cancellations by dissatisfied customers and lead to revenue loss.
  • If the breach causes loss or theft of sensitive customer data, customers will almost certainly cancel their subscriptions. Data breaches of this kind are highly damaging. Recovering your ex-customers will be very difficult, and some may pursue litigation against your company.
  • News of a data breach can be both viral and reputation damaging. Because the Internet never forgets, a bad reputation adversely affects future customer acquisition.

Although some of the above mentioned security difficulties are readily managed such as the strength of your clients’ passwords, others are less so if your company doesn’t have its own cyber security staff. However, you might consider outsourcing your security needs. Contact us to learn how’s managed security services can protect your SaaS business from cyber threats.


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