High security, best-in-class cloud based solutions.

Secure Solutions

A variety of cloud solutions to fit every need.

Cloud Solutions

Proactive management and monitoring services.

Managed Services

HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions.

Compliance Solutions

 Disaster Recovery

Disaster comes in many forms whether it is natural, power failures, hardware failures, network outages, software failures, or just plain human error.

Protect your business from any form of determined and declared disaster. Prevent data loss and downtime and keep your business critical applications running.

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Business Continuity

Our business continuity plan refers to a carefully designed procedure to curtail the impact of a disaster from an IT system operations angle. 

WHOA.com will help you to create a personalized, comprehensive business continuity plan to address all of the potential threats to your IT and business systems.

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The WHOA.com Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Our next-generation cloud offers the highest levels of security and compliance, rapid performance, and the ease of scale that enables your business to keep up with demand.

By having a true partnership with a team of experienced professionals, we can ensure that you will benefit from the continuous innovation of our premium secure cloud.

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Security That Matters

Tier IV Data Centers

Support with a WHOA Factor!

Monitoring & Visibility

Our Secure Cloud Ecosystem

Threat Detection and Prevention

Cloud platform deployed with enterprise-grade intrusion detection, prevension, and security services.


Compliance and Certifications

Organizations can easily implement effective controls, policies, and procedures to protect their data and maintain compliance.


Real Time Monitoring

Organizations are able to have visibility and transparency into their cloud security and resource performance in real time.

Multi-Layered Security

Cloud platform employs multiple layers of security that focuses on three key areas: physical, software, and infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture

Best in class commitment to technology including datacenters, connectivity, hardware, and security.

Multiple Top Tier Data Centers

Use of multiple top tier datacenters to provide bi-coastal redundancy, and enforce rigorous security policies.

Threat Observation PlatformTM

This one-of-a-kind tool is designed to give Secure Cloud customers visibility and transparency into your cloud security.

We start at the top of your cloud, with an added layer of dynamic, in-depth intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services.

We monitor threat severity and display the total number of threats blocked, and where they originated from by country and IP address!

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Mobile Monitoring

 Our Threat Observation Platform gives you full insight into your cloud right from your pocket. View cloud health and security, set alerts, and more. With our mobile app you can: 

    • View Your Dashboard
    • Get Full Monitoring
    • Open a Support Ticket
    • …and much more!

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10 Key Advantages of the Cloud

The cloud offers a multitude of options for businesses today, providing a range of opportunities to gain competitive advantage, speed to market and improved operational efficiencies.

Read this eBook to learn more about how your business can benefit from a cloud solution.

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