Hybrid Hosting and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Hosting Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Did you know that you can combine the benefits of public and private clouds?

WHOA.com can customize the perfect hybrid cloud solution for businesses of every size. The hybrid cloud integrates the scalability, power, and capacity of a public cloud with the advanced personalization options of a private cloud.

The result: an ideal cloud computing environment.

Some businesses require the ability to run scaled out applications on a public cloud and run applications that have special permissions on a private cloud. Hybrid cloud solutions allow for both of these scenarios to run on different cloud platforms and work together.

Partner Collaboration

WHOA.com has experience collaborating with industry leading business partners to build hybrid cloud solutions that are designed for your specific needs. We combine the strength and capability of our Tier IV Data Centers with a customer-oriented approach to personalization and security.

Our hybrid cloud solutions maintain the high level of security we promote with all of our cloud solutions including our Secure Multi-Tenant (SMT) design for guaranteed isolation and protection.

From businesses that have specific goals in mind for their cloud computing needs, to those that have only just begun to hear about cloud computing, a hybrid cloud solution can present the best possible scenario.

Is your business in need of a hybrid cloud solution?

If so, complete the form on this page and one of our skilled cloud engineers will get in contact with you. We will work closely with your business and help to devise a strategy for designing a hybrid cloud solution that best meets your technical and business needs.

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