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Your data is one of your most important business assets. However, too many business owners underestimate how vulnerable their data is to hackers. That is why they need managed security services. This near-complacency is caused by a false feeling of safety in numbers, and that their business is too small to attract the notice of hackers. Out of the millions of businesses with an Internet presence, they might feel that the odds of getting “chosen” by a hacker are quite small. However, active hackers are numerous and many of them use software to find their targets.

Just as search engines have no trouble finding and crawling new websites, the bot crawlers of hackers can also find new websites with great efficiency. It may only take a month or two for the hacker’s software to discover your website after it’s launched. From that point forward, your site will be periodically probed by the software for vulnerabilities. If any are identified, they are then exploited.

Most hackers will choose your business because it’s a target of opportunity. The size of your business or the prominence of your brand generally isn’t a factor.

The Business Consequences of Getting Hacked

A hacker may access and exploit sensitive business information such as trade secrets, business strategies, or financial difficulties. This may cause great damage in the hands of your competitors. Hackers may also access the sensitive information of your customers who then become victims as well. Once your customers’ data is compromised, most if not all of them will never buy from you again, while some may take legal action. Word of this can spread fast on the Internet, which may diminish your future business prospects.

A hacker may also infect your traffic with malware or try to make money by redirecting them to gambling, porn, or drug websites. This also tarnishes your brand reputation. Still another possibility is incorporating your server into their bot net that they use for finding and hacking other servers. A hacked website can also lose its traffic when search engines drop it from their search results pages. Browsers may display malware or attack page warnings about your site to visitors and warn them to turn back.

All of the above outcomes of getting hacked are damaging to your business and reputation. Dealing with the problem after it happens is not an option because the consequences are too severe. Prevention is the best cure for this problem, and our managed security services will provide a strong and robust defense. Contact us today to learn more.

Digital security is imperative for the modern business, however many cannot dedicate the resources to real-time, full-time monitoring of all their digital assets. Especially for smaller, highly specialized businesses, the effective strategy is to seek outside help from Managed Security Services Providers.

Threats are constantly evolving and ever-present:

The digital world has become an arena of high prosperity encouraging correspondingly voracious criminal enterprises. These threats never completely vanish. Rather, as anti-malware countermeasures improve to deal with contemporary threats, malware producers employ increasingly vicious tactics. To keep your information and resources safe requires constant vigilance and an up-to-date awareness of the modern technological landscape. Even the most conscientious businesses can find it difficult to dedicate the appropriate resources to remain beyond the reach of online criminals.

Expansive protection:

As professionals capable of protecting your resources, we are also able to advise and support your more typical electronic needs. Sometimes hardware failure or software conflicts can lead to unfortunate data loss, but by backing up your information to a secure cloud, we can recover that data and troubleshoot to further protect against future losses. We can help you build and protect the network that is appropriately suited for your needs and ambitions. is ISO 27001-certified, providing secure cloud computing solutions that encompass the multiple layers of your network. We have full-time professionals capable of assisting you in real-time. If you have questions about how we can improve your network security or how you might bolster your digital defenses, please contact us.

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