HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery Solutions

HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery

Disaster comes in many forms whether it is natural, power failures, hardware failures, network outages, software failures, or just plain human error. Our DRaaS solution will protect businesses from any form of determined and declared disaster to prevent data loss and downtime to keep your business-critical applications running. This Disaster Recovery service is available on our Secure Cloud for the following scenarios:

  • WHOA Secure Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud
  • WHOA Private Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud
  • Customer on Premise Cloud to WHOA Public Cloud

We eliminate the complexity and cost of organizations having to build out fully redundant systems to have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Our DRaaS offering provides assurance that if disaster strikes at your primary datacenter, your protected virtual servers will failover and become functional to allow for your business operational sustainability.

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