Risk Remediation & Risk Management Services for IT

Did you know that the SRA identifies an extensive list of risks that must be remediated and mitigated? There are twenty different Security Standards and upwards of sixty Safeguard Criteria. That can quickly add up! Especially for businesses with multiple locations.

Proactively identifying and addressing patient privacy risks will save you money, years of frustration, protect your organizations reputation and your career.

How do you do that?

For starters, an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) conducted by a reputable, third-party, compliance and security expert to identify areas of vulnerability, such as WHOA.com.

It’s important to do this before it is too late. Healthcare providers are required by the ONC to make reasonable efforts to remediate any risks that are identified. In the event of a breach or loss, fines and legal costs grow exponentially for organizations that fail to take action.

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