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Disaster recovery as a service is important! Disasters are an unfortunate and inevitable situation in the world of technology. Between cyber attacks, hardware failures, power outages, and natural disasters, you need assurance that your protected servers will remain functional. That’s why disaster recovery is more than a service. It’s a solution.

Disaster recovery as a service

Disaster recovery as a service

According to a recent article from IT ProPortal, a survey found that 89 percent of IT professionals at small to mid-sized companies plan to implement more cloud-based disaster recovery within the next year. However, 64 percent of them are currently getting disaster recovery services from three or more different products, and a quarter of them are relying on at least five products. 9 out of 10 companies wish to consolidate their disaster recovery solutions.

In spite of all the products being used, the vast majority of these companies report that it takes more than an hour for their systems to recover from a power failure, and more than a quarter need at least two hours. Time is money, and 72 percent of the companies surveyed stated that the speed of their backup and recovery is critical to their business.

WHOA offers disaster recovery as both a service and a solution. We eliminate the complexity and the cost of building fully redundant systems by continuously replicating your data, website, and applications to a WHOA data center of your choice. Some of the scenarios available through our service include WHOA Secure Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud, WHOA Private Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud, and Customer on Premise Cloud to WHOA Public Cloud. We are able to provide a solution that can have your servers up and running within an hour.

For more information on our DRAAS (disaster recovery as a service) solution, contact us.

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