A Business Continuity Plan: Ensuring Your Business Actually Continues

When customers look to invest their time and resources into your project, they are looking not just at what deal is cut today, but how you’ll fare down the road. People are increasingly skeptical about businesses upholding their commitments to future work, and investors are skeptical about contributing to any cause without an eye to the future. So how does a business continuity plan help you?

You show a desire for long-term stability. Short-term profits generated by plans that reduce long-term profits are inherently unsustainable. By reassuring customers that your project is looking ahead, not just for the veneer of success today, but with a vision of success that thrives years ahead, you’ll win not just their support, but their confidence.

It actually works to protect you. Having a plan of how your business responds against disasters (cyber attacks, fires and storms, etc) means that you can respond without hesitation in the event of such an eventuality. Further, if something catastrophic happens but you can demonstrate having planned a business continuity response, it’ll be quite difficult to accuse your project of being negligent or naive.

Continuity plans exemplify leadership. By having a plan that features important procedures, lists all pertinent entities and contacts, designates responsibilities and powers, outlines preventative policies and draws contingencies, you prove the project is headed in a reasonable and responsible manner. Strong leadership and a keen eye to the reduction of risk will ease the worries of customers and inspire the project members.

Building a business continuity plan is an imperative part of future success. If you have any questions about how to best create one, please contact us.

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