A Look at Your Cloud File Storage Options: Do You Know What Yours Are?

There aren’t many ways to store your files on the cloud. But there are two main ways that you can store files through Learn what cloud file storage options you have, and what they mean for your business.

Cloud File Storage

The first storage method is quite aptly named “Cloud File Storage.” This method stores data that is unstructured or only semi-structured. You can take all your file-based data and store them in one place. This includes your spreadsheets, documents, and more.

Cloud Block Storage

When you have large files, finding storage isn’t easy. Few businesses have room for you to store large files on the cloud. If you have file systems or databases that need storage, you need block storage. In this type of storage, your data goes into volumes, or blocks. Every block is like a separate hard drive.

Block storage is much more complicated than file storage. But, it does improve performance and give you the ability to store things you might otherwise be unable to store.

Finding the Right Storage Option

When you’re considering your cloud storage options, there are two main areas of focus you should have. First, there’s the file size. Is your file size so large that performance will be poor in a file storage system? Or is it small enough that it will function well?

You need to consider your application as well. If performance isn’t a concern, then file storage may be your best bet. But if performance is an issue, then cloud block storage is the way to go. Whichever you need, contact us and find out what we can offer you.

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