Three Reasons for Using Managed Security Services

There is an ongoing security arms race between cyber criminals and cyber security specialists. One side ups the ante and the other side develops counter measures. The end result of this from the point of view of businesses is that cyber criminals are getting better at their “game” with each passing year. Some of these criminals are lone wolves while others are loosely organized groups. Here are three reasons you should be using managed security services.

Many cyber criminals aren’t particularly skillful at hacking. They merely exploit tools readily available for this purpose such as password guessing software — and these tools are getting increasingly sophisticated. It’s the people in this second category of cyber crime that hugely inflate the threat level.

Here are three reasons why using managed security services is a good idea:

Running Your Business Is Demanding

Your focus should be your business. Focus means more than just your attention, it includes how your resources are allocated. Keeping up with the latest cyber threats demands expertise and up-to-date security assets. Diverting excessive resources into security comes at the expense of your business competitiveness.

You Benefit From the Expertise of Specialists

When you have a plumbing, electrical, or computer problem, you hire the appropriate specialist to handle it. Rather than building a cell phone yourself, you buy one that was designed and manufactured by specialists. Because of this reliance on specialists, your ability to run your business as well as your quality of life is vastly improved.

The same argument applies to using the expertise of managed security services. You get greater security at less expense than would be possible when trying to handle it yourself. Even though cyber crime is getting increasingly dangerous, cyber security specialists continually counter these threats with their own innovations. By outsourcing your cyber security to experts, you automatically benefit from this.

You Benefit More Rapidly

When deciding whether to handle security yourself or to outsource it, an important consideration is how rapidly you get a return on your investment. With managed security services, the infrastructure and expertise are already in place. Getting set up with such a service is relatively quick.

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