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Cloud computing is now one of the hottest online businesses. Virtually every small, medium and large company are purchasing this storage rather than buying entire servers upfront to store information. At the same time, they are purchasing services to enhance and customize their cloud computing experience.  There is now a huge opportunity in this lucrative industry, both for the cloud storage providers and their marketing partners. in particular provides a number of benefits for becoming a designated partner in our reseller partner program, most of whom are MSP or VARs.

Firstly, the company offers generous commission on all sales with very high margins because you do your own pricing and billing.  If the client is willing to accept the price, your profit is the entire difference to the Whoa cost. In fact, you can issue your own billing to completely control the process. As part of the control, you must conduct the Level 1 support process however.

You also receive a 20% discount on the services that you purchase from Whoa for your own firm (assuming that you have already become an established partner reseller).  As a user, it will be easier to explain and market the benefits of the product to other businesses.

Cloud services have a very short sales cycle, are easy to quote and have long-running recurring revenue.  More and more companies are getting into the game of reselling these services for that reason. is a leading ISO 27001-certified, secure cloud computing provider. The firm’s top reseller partner program has helped many clients find the company, and partners earn lucrative fees. For more information, please contact us.

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