Did You Know That Managed Security Services Can Protect Your Organization?

Managed Security Services Can Protect Your Organization: The hacker SQL injection attack is a technique often used to bypass the security measures implemented by “front-end/back-end” website and database structure, which is quite similar to, and in some cases regarded as one of the well-known buffer overflow cyber attack methods frequently used to gain unauthorized access and/or privilege escalation.

To perform a SQL injection attack, the attacker essentially inputs information into an interactive field in a web page or may inject a specially constructed command string into the website address bar of a web browser that includes SQL database commands (usually at the end of the command string) hoping the web site’s back-end database accepts and executes the commands.

The types of commands an attacker may choose to inject are usually commands that grant privilege escalation (administrator or root permissions), administrative command line access, forms of database reconfiguration, or commands with the potential to gain full access to confidential information contained in the database that normally requires proper authentication and permissions for access.

SQL injection, however, can do more than simply enable an attacker to gain full access to a database and information it holds. Since many relational databases grant the database administrator account administrative access to the operating system, if the database is not securely configured, an attacker could gain full access and control of the underlying operating system as well!

Contact us today and find out how our managed security services can protect your organization from SQL Injection attacks, and resolve SQL Injection vulnerabilities within your application back-end SQL database services.

In the next post learn about the risks unauthorized software installations pose and how managed security services can help your organization maintain control and security.

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