High Availability Through SNMP (2 of 2)

Business continuity and high availability planning focuses on keeping your organization productive and preventing business down-time. Computer network protocols such as SNMP help in achieving this goal through continuous system health monitoring that enables pre-emptive maintenance before a system or network outage occurs.

SNMP version 2 increases security by defining two additional authentication layers but still uses the same community string clear text authentication specified by SNMP version 1.

SNMP version 3 further increases security by including encrypted authentication, password hashes and directory services integration support. The SNMP version 3 protocol also includes features that enable system monitoring of multiple locations through integration with an organization’s directory services (such as Microsoft Active Directory).

SNMP deployment, when configured to send traps and allow SNMP polling to a central location, decreases system downtime potential by alerting system administrators when a host or network device may fail and is operating outside the acceptable performance range. SNMP also tracks maintenance needs (such as gradual system internal temperature increases) so that maintenance (such as hot swapping running hard drives plagued with bad sectors or clean fan filters) occurs before a failure occurs, saving the organization costly down-time.

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a key ingredient for business continuity and achieving zero down-time because SNMP provides performance monitoring and management services for nearly any device that connects to a TCP/IP network. SNMP enables IT managed services to monitor and maintain all network resources from a central location, providing cost savings in down-time and IT staffing.

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