Cloud vs Dedicated Server: How to Decide Between The Two

Cloud servers are a great solution for small businesses. You rent what you need, and only pay for that amount of disk space on a remote computer. There is no need to hire an IT professional. It is not a massive tower computer that takes up space in a closet that overheats on a nice day. You do not pay an electric bill on this sort of major appliance that runs 24/7. So when the choice is Cloud vs Dedicated Server, how do you decide between the two?

Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are a better solution for a bigger business. The company owns or rents the hardware, the company pays for IT support, the company pays for the electricity to run the hardware.

Both solutions to data storage have their good sides and bad sides.

Cloud servers are less expensive than dedicated servers because someone else is paying for the electricity to run the hardware, someone else is paying for the IT department that keeps things running. With cloud servers, you pay for what disk space you use. You can scale up at any time quickly and easily.

Dedicated servers are more expensive initially than cloud servers, but they pay for themselves quickly because the servers themselves are yours. Your data, your disk drives, your hardware, all in your space. You can have your IT department upgrade it at any time. If they do it right, you will never notice they upgrade the entire system. The best advantage to dedicated servers is that they are yours.

If you are running a small business with a simple network, it is a good idea to cloud serve your data because it is far less costly. If you are running a bigger business that has a complex network and an IT department already in place, go with the dedicated server. It all comes down to cost and space.

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