What is Application Hosting and Why Do You Need It

Application hosting may sound technical and mysterious but it is actually quite common. In fact, it’s likely you use it everyday. Intrigued? Keep reading. Let’s take a look at what hosting is and why it is important.

What is Application Hosting?

Application hosting is actually exactly what it sounds like: hosting for applications. If you use a smartphone with apps on it, you have used this kind of hosting. These apps are hosted via a remote cloud infrastructure and made accessible by you. However it goes beyond just smartphones. A majority of the activities we do online are made possible by hosting. It is an important piece of the cloud computing puzzle.

Why Do I Need Application Hosting?

So now that you understand what hosting is, you might be wondering why it is important. Why do you need hosting? Well, as we mentioned before, much of what happens online is the work of hosting. In this day and age where the internet is front and center, you simply can’t be without hosting. It also provides you with many benefits such as reduced cost and easy maintenance. It is an important factor in the success and well-being of your corporation.

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