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So you’ve decided that a cloud-based solution is the best answer to protect your organization’s data. You now must face the critical decision between hosting your data: Private Cloud vs Public Cloud. Should you host on a secure public cloud or utilizing your own private cloud. What is the difference between these two options? In a nutshell: a public cloud hosts storage for different companies at the same time and on the same server (or network) usually using self-contained virtual data centers, whereas a private cloud consists of dedicated servers that contain data for a single organization. With these definitions in mind, we will now take a look at some important considerations when deciding on a solution:

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

1. Convenience vs Customization

When you host your software on a public cloud you are not responsible for managing or maintaining the hardware where it resides. This responsibility falls to the provider which reduces the amount of time your organization spends in testing and deployment. The price for this convenience is a limit on the amount of customizing you can do to your host environment.

2. Specific Compliance & Security

If your organization has a specific compliance requirement (such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, etc), a private cloud is likely a necessity. Using a private cloud allows you to ensure the highest possible levels of security due to the fact that your cloud resides behind your own firewall instead of the provider’s firewall.

When it comes to deciding between public or private cloud hosting there is no answer that is always correct; it really does depend on your organization’s needs. If your organization has specific compliance requirements or prefers to have more control over customization you will likely want to consider a private cloud solution first, otherwise you might have everything you need in a secure public cloud solution. If you are unsure which solution would fit your organization best, the cloud experts at are here to help. For more information please contact us.

In our ever-changing and evolving technological world, new ways of housing data across networks are being developed and implemented at an exponential rate. According to CIO from IDG, 2017 is projected to be a year of private cloud (and public) hosting growth as company’s rush to meet new technological demands.

At WHOA, we provide both a secure public cloud data center and private cloud infrastructure. Depending on your company’s needs, public cloud hosting is a viable option. However, here are some signs that you may need private cloud hosting infrastructure instead.

A private cloud is best for companies that need their virtual environment to be more customizable and secure. As the name implies, private cloud hosting is private to the subscriber — meaning only your company has access to storage data. This feature is advantageous to companies that deal with highly sensitive information. A private cloud at WHOA provides the most secure network possible with the finest software in the cloud market.

In addition to top of the line security, a private cloud allows customers to fit their pool of storage more to their needs. If public cloud is the one size fits all, then the private cloud is the custom fit. For example, if your company needs high levels of computation power or specific compliance needs not offered by public servers, our private cloud software is able to meet them with ease!

If any of these signs sounds like something that your company can relate to, please consider looking more into private cloud hosting here at WHOA. With the need of data storage growing at an alarming rate, it is important to have a server that best protects your information. WHOA is the leading edge in cloud computation and we are sure that your data will be safe with us.

To learn more about private cloud hosting or any of your cloud needs, contact us!

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